How a VA can help your business

This might sound familiar……………….

You “know” that you should be doing  customer marketing, but  just don’t know where to start or how to? 

Do you wish you had an amazing birthday email sent out to all your clients that month, but have just never had the time to set it up? Wish you could automate your aftercare to your clients without having to do it manually? Well these are all things a VA can help create for you and here’s why: 

VA’s are an extremely valuable asset to any business. They can help to lighten your workload in any capacity and for any specific areas or tasks that you need. 

A VA is a fantastic option for businesses, particularly salon owners as they are extremely cost effective and have little to no risk, as you only pay a VA  per hour, compared to full time or part time employees, and VA’s take care of their own tax and super. 

VA’s are proving an extremely popular option in enhancing the customer experience journey. We hear all too often that salons are so busy working on the salon floor, that the customer experience journey online is getting overlooked or lengthy delays in getting back to customers. 

This is a task that can easily be outsourced to a VA. Initially some business owners find it daunting handing over an integral part of the business, but we see first hand the results that VA’s generate. You can craft scripts for the VA to follow, so this ensures that your VA is responding exactly how you would, and instills confidence that the right messaging and replies are being delivered. It really is a game changer knowing that your customer experience journey is being executed exceptionally well and in a timely manner. 

Another point that we raise with many business owners is utilising your skills and time and in the most profit maximising way. Is answering DM’s and sending SMS’s your zone of genius and where you can generate the most $$ per hours for yourself? The answer is… probably not. Whereas for a very reasonable hourly rate, you can outsource some of these tasks, to free you up, to be more productive and better utilised either working on your business or servicing clients. 

The customer experience journey is not just delivered via one platform, hence the overwhelm that business’s feel to keep on top of all the necessary marketing tasks that a business needs to be executing. 

A VA can handle all elements- SMS, email, social media management, or only one task or a combination, the choice really is yours. These tasks can be executed by your VA via the following; (examples only- you can tailor the management as to what works best for your business)

  • Creating a list of clients to SMS each week
  • Email automation including aftercare, follow ups, preparing for a treatment, checking in on non returning clients, birthdays, product purchases etc
  • Facebook Messages
  • Writing a personal note to print and post

Outsourcing is the way of the future for business, and we are so fortunate that we live in this digital age where we can be so easily connected to incredible resources that can help us with our business.