My favourite Money Mindset tools for business success

Money Mindset Tools for business success

Today I wanted to share with you the best money mindset tools I have used for business success. I've had to dive deep over the last 12 months in particular to really learn about my money stories and how to overcome them. 

With the end of the Financial Year quickly approaching here in Australia, I thought I would share with you the tools and resources I use to help with my money mindset and planning. 

I love podcasts, audio books and anything that I can listen to while walking, driving or working.

This has been one of my favourite ways to learn new skills over the past 8 years. For audio books I love and use Audible (right now they have 2months free when you join too!) where you can use it like a subscription service (it's the netflix's of books) and listen to anything you want to learn about! For me it's a saviour as paper books take me so much longer! I also find the audio books tend to have extra bonuses which is amazing! 

Here's some of my favourite books so far:

They are my absolute favourite money & mindset books that have helped me through some challenges in both my business and life.

I highly recommend listening to them if you can. Do you have another audio book recommendation for Money Mindset that I might have missed? Let me know below. 

Next are my favourite podcasts that I love to listen to! Podcasts range from short and impactful to longer inspiring episodes and I just love the value they provide. Again I listen to these as I do other tasks and find they always come to me with what I need at the time. Here's some of my favourite one's for money & manifesting: 

These ladies have so many incredible tips not just about money mindset and abundance, they have some incredible tips for business in general as well as life. 

Is there a podcast that you can't live without? Let me know! 

When it comes to money mindset courses or coaching I personally have loved the Level of Limitless with Rhi Thistlewaite. I learnt so much during my time in this program that has stay with me to this day. It allowed me to grow my business past $10k months and onto $20/$30k months. 

Money mindset for me is something I will never stop working on. Business can be a rollercoaster and the more we can set ourselves up for success with multiple streams of income the better!