Client Journey Bundle

Client Journey Bundle

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Client Journey Bundle 
Includes everything in the Timely Automation Setup as well as a client journey sequence.

Timely Automation Setup RRP $597
  • Landing page creation for new clients on what to expect from their visit, where to find you and a little about your salon and the team. Helps them to feel at ease and prepared for their visit. If you don't have a landing page system (such as mailchimp) in place we will set this up as part of the package at no additional cost.
  • Set up welcome email & SMS for new clients, aftercare email & sms (one generic to cover most services), reminder for next appointment (didn't rebook) sms & email. SMS set up to send client consultation forms prior to bookings for each treatment that requires a form.
  • Setup of up to 5 different client consultation forms to go with the sms automation (if software is compatible)
  • New Client Welcome pack postcard design with a thank you letter and offer if you wish to include one

Customer Journey Sequence includes:
  • Pop up installed on your website to add subscribers to your email list. This may include an offer to entice them. Email sequence of 3 emails to then follow on after they join your list. This includes: email to thank them for joining up and the offer attached (this might be a voucher or discount code). #2 email - get to know the business and how we help you. #3 email - helpful tips for them to gain value from you 
  • Welcome email for all new subscribers via timely to do the same as the Website sequence.
Email Automation for the following: 
  1. Thank you for visiting us - new client / leave us a review
  2. Reminder to rebook (so they don't fall into the non returning category)
  3. We miss you (haven't returned in some time) 
  4. Happy Birthday SMS & Email 
  5. Monthly Salon Newsletter design template to allow for drag and drop emails 
  6. Client Referral thank you email 
  7. Loyal client thank you email (clients that keep coming back regularly, they receive an anniversary email thanking them with a free upgrade or similar)
  8. Aftercare emails for up to 5 services that will vary to a standard visit. This could include your top services that require specific instructions
Client Journey not including the point of sale package is $1450
or 3 payments of $500

Paid in full $1897 for the Client Journey bundle

or Payment plan 4 payments of $500 each over 4 weeks
or Payment plan of $250 each week over 8 weeks

Please email us for a payment plan

* All bundles and services include graphic design work to your business branding standards