Social Media Content Creation Masterclass Team Training

Social Media Content Creation Masterclass Team Training

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Struggle with capturing beautiful content for your social media, website or business in general? This 1hour masterclass is for you! 

Kara will personally dive deep with your team, either in person (in Brisbane or SE QLD) or via Zoom to teach your therapists or stylists how to create content with their iPhones for instant engagement. 

We will cover:

  • techniques for capturing the right angles of your client and your results
  • settings and apps on your phone to make content simple and easy to create and edit
  • equipment to use that will help make taking photos in your salon easier
  • tips on how to easily make before and afters a part of the client experience
  • how to use your new skills for your social media content

This is a hands on masterclass which works best when your team is able to practice and share their results with Kara during the session.